About CHYK San Jose

CHYK Mission Statement 

To empower youth with the vision, values and dynamism for success in all fields. 

CHYK San Jose is a chapter of Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK) in the San Francisco Bay Area, connecting college age students and young professionals in the area (ages ranging 17 - 35) with an interest in spirituality to study and grow together. 

CHYK West, the North American chapter of CHYK, strives to unite young adults by providing a forum to explore, discuss, and practice Vedanta while strengthening their lives in every endeavor. The objectives of this organization are several and include the following:

  • To provide a spiritual forum for the age group ranging from post-high school to young professionals
  • To introduce the message of Vedanta to those interested
  • To unite members of this organization spiritually and professionally through satsang and community service
  • To build and develop future leaders for Chinmaya Mission
  • To act as a resource for the Mission family and the community at-large working with and supporting an existing establishment
  • To unite and communicate with CHYK centers worldwide in an effort to stimulate the Global CHYK movement

The vision of CHYK is to empower the youth with a holistic vision and values of life so that they live their life successfully in every respect.

Swami Tejomayananda

Spirit of CHYK West

The youth have always been symbols of bountiful energy, ambitious dynamism, inspiring creativity, and dauntless courage. To uplift themselves and their world, to awaken harmony within and without, to apply their vibrant energy for the betterment of society, they only require a noble cause, a high ideal, a sense of deep devotion, and the right channels of service.

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, or CHYK, is the global youth wing of Chinmaya Mission (ages 14-28 years). It aims to help youth discover their hidden potential and tap into its infinite source at will. From the inner unravelling of young minds, personalities of wisdom, beauty, and universality beam forth. Through their shared light of righteous actions, noble principles, and compassionate hearts can the world at large come to bask in the harmony of Oneness.

What started in 1975 as a small youth forum in Bangalore has now evolved into a global, dynamic, organized body that promotes personal spiritual unfoldment, varying social services, and integrated leadership skills. Spanning over 120 cities on four continents, CHYK has helped thousands of youth transform themselves and their world on multifarious levels.

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